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Connect, Learn and Grow…

…Since 2014, our company works to facilitate cross-cultural connections, empower creative thinking and promote European Values.

Our vision

We aim to build a diverse community that fosters cross-cultural connections, encourages collaboration, and creates a positive impact to achieve a more inclusive, sustainable, and harmonious society.

Our mission

Empowering individuals and organisations to collaborate, foster creativity, promote European values, and contribute to a greener future through sustainable initiatives.

Our expertise

We have a wide expertise in community building, networking, knowledge-sharing, project partnership, sustainable practices, cross-cultural exchange, cultural events, psychology, sport, integration, advocating and applying EU goals and programs.

Building multicultural dialogues

We develop activities with a focus on building a lifelong multicultural dialogue and promoting diversity by exchanging best practices in the fields of culture, sport, art and customs.

Endless opportunities for creativity

We empower people with different backgrounds to implement their creative ideas, widen their network of like-minders in order to learn together, make art, exchange and adapt best practices.

Life-long learning for everyone

We provide educational resources and training opportunities that enable individuals to develop cross-cultural competence, intercultural communication skills, creative thinking and community-building experience.

Sustainable Development & Human-friendly cities

We collaborate with other organizations to support sustainable initiatives and promote environmentally responsible practices.

“Embracing culture and diversity enriches our lives with unique perspectives and endless possibilities”

Tatiana Gorodnyaya, CEO

“European values are key to achieving equality, creativity, and inclusion, fostering a harmonious and prosperous society for all”

Mariia Rybachuk, Project Manager

“Preserving our cultural heritage and promoting sustainable practices ensures a thriving future for both our planet and our diverse communities.”

Ilona Malgina, Creative Strategist

Let’s work together to make a more diverse

and creative world!

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